Elspeth McLean

It is an amazing and magical thing when you get to meet someone you “know” from online. Last weekend, I was so very lucky to meet Elspeth McLean. Truly, the absolute highlight of my weekend.  She is a gorgeous and shining soul and words cannot describe how radiant, lovely and joyful she is. I feel so honored to have met her. She decided to take my Ganesha painting  home with her too.

Have you seen her dotillism artwork and mandala rocks? They are so amazing. I am very lucky to have two of them! They are beautiful, peace and heartfelt treasures. She has the loveliest video on how she makes them here.

Ganesha - art by Regina Lord

Ganesha ~ New Beginnings

Art Prints Available

A little bit about Ganesha:

Ganesha (aka, Ganesh, Ganapati, Vinayaka) is the Hindu deity known as the remover of obstacles, the deva of wisdom and new beginnings. Often times, Ganesha is honored at the beginning of a journey, ritual or ceremony.

There are many variations the iconic Ganesha, and also many symbolic meanings. For example, the big head of the elephant symbolizes “big think”. Small mouth means to talk less, big ears for listening more. Open hand for blessing those on the right path and the hand carrying a “sweet” bowl symbolizes the rewards of hard work. The big belly is for digesting both the good and bad in life. There is more, not depicted in this version, but I love all of the symbolism and meaning of the wise elephant.

Art in the Garden -- Tucson, Arizona

A few pics from my art show over the weekend, Art in the Garden.  What a beautiful venue.  The lovely host, Glennda, actually has the show on her beautiful property twice a year. The guests get some tasty food, beautiful music and fun shopping.

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