Kawaii Box Review

I was really excited to be sent a Kawaii Box to review for TokyoBunnie. Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service- you get a box filled with super cute stuff at your doorstep every month- what could be better!? The Kawaii Box website ensures that “All items are 100% original and licensed” and the items are “hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea”. I was happy to see they addressed the authenticity of the items, because it seems like it would be pretty easy to send out a box of knock-off items for a lower cost.

The pricing for Kawaii Box varies from $17.90 – $18.90 per month, depending on which plan you subscribe to. Shipping is included, but the boxes ship from Singapore, so I am guessing that a big part of the monthly fees is to over the worldwide shipping charges.

Here’s some photos of what came inside my Kawaii Box:

As you cans see, there’s quite an array of different items. The contents included: panda chopsticks, a cupcake bear mechanical pencil, a little yogurt candy shaped keychain, a pink bear eraser, glitter lollipop hair clip, plastic cube bead bracelet, “Time will Never Grow Old” pencil case, tanuki mascot plush keychain, sticker sheet, kit-kat, candy kit, and diamond shaped travel tag.

Overall, I felt like there was some cute stuff- the chopsticks, pencil, eraser and mascot were my favorites, but I also felt like there was some weird stuff included that I wouldn’t consider to be “kawaii” like the pencil pouch, and travel tag. Plus the quality of some of the items, especially the bracelet and hair clip, felt very cheap. I was disappointed there wasn’t more licensed goods but I think that was mostly just this month’s box- when I look at photos from boxes sent during other months, there does seem to be some San-X and Rilakkuma goods included.

Overall, I think if I had paid for this particular month, I’d be a little bummed, but some of the other month’s boxes look pretty good. It’s always fun to get mail, and to get kawaii stuff to add to your collection, so Kawaii Box definitely accomplishes that. If you’re considering trying it, why not start with a month or two and see what you think- then you can make a longer term subscription if you think it’s a good fit!

Thanks, KAWAII BOX, for sending me this box to review!


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